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Yep, Apple’s ‘Stickers’ Ad Gave MacBook Sticker Sellers a Huge Boost

When Apple published their new ‘Stickers’ ad for the MacBook Air last week, I presumed it would be a boon for sellers of MacBook stickers and decals. So earlier this week I decided to reach out to a few sellers of MacBook stickers and decals to see what kind of impact the ad from Apple has had on their store visits and sales.

Now this was not an in-depth investigation and the result is probably what you would have guessed: visits and sales rose dramatically last week when Apple’s ad was released. It was the universal reaction I got from the sellers I talked to.

One of the sellers that was willing to give me more detailed information was Benjamin Clark from The Decal Guru. They saw a quadrupling of orders for MacBook decals since the airing of Apple’s ad. In terms of unique visitors they saw an increase from a steady 500 per day (prior to the ad) to 4,500 at its highest last week.

I also spoke to a number of Etsy store owners that sell MacBook stickers. Geeky Decals was one of them and in their case they’ve seen a significant increase in daily sales of stickers. Prior to the ad they used to sell 8-10 stickers per day, but since the ad they’ve been selling between 40 and 50 stickers per day. They also told me that on one day last week they sold more than 100 stickers after more than 20,000 views - when average views are around 500. Unsurprisingly, the stickers they’ve been selling most have been those that were featured in the Apple ad.

A smaller Etsy store that I spoke to, Stickers Apple, didn’t want to divulge sales statistics but saw a similar boost in views as the others. Prior to the ad they saw around 250-300 views per day, those views jumped up to about 850 at its highest last week.

These sales and visits will no doubt settle down and likely return to a level close to what it was a few weeks ago. But it certainly seems, at least from this anecdotal data, that this Apple ad has (and will continue to) convince some to pull the trigger and buy some stickers to personalize MacBooks (and maybe even other laptops), when they may have been sitting on the fence before.

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