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Xmarks Sold To A “New Owner”, Definitely Not Dead

Good news, Xmarks fans: the service is not dead. Actually, it's definitely alive and looking forward to introducing free and premium plans under a new owner, the official Xmarks blog reports.

I’m pleased to announced that we’re in the final stages of completing a sale of Xmarks to a new owner who is 100% committed to keep our great browser sync service running smoothly.

The Xmarks service will evolve to have both a free component and a premium component – we’ll share all the details once the deal is done.

Many doubts and questions arose when Xmarks announced it was shutting down back in September due to the impossibility to find a feasible plan to keep things going. Loyal and regular users of the free bookmarking service signed dozens of petitions to keep the service alive and pledged thousands of dollars through unofficial campaigns to save Xmarks.

We look forward to the future of Xmarks.