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Wi-Fi Sync 2.0: Coming In December, 3G Sync Confirmed

Here are we talking about Wi-Fi Sync again. For those who missed it: it's a tweak available in Cydia ($9.99, version 1.1) that allows you to sync your iPhone and iPad with iTunes without Apple's USB cable. All happens within the same local network, and the app is pretty reliable and fast. It's the wifi sync many have been waiting for Apple to implement, available in the Cydia Store right now.

We've also talked about version 2.0 of Wi-Fi Sync in the past: back in August, developer Greg Hughes announced that a major new version of the tweak was in the works with 3G, EDGE and VPN sync, proper iPhone 4 and iPad support. Today Hughes confirmed the announced feature set and gave us a release date: Wi-Fi Sync 2.0 is coming this December, and the iPod Touch 4th gen will also be supported. As you can see on the official website, over-the-air sync for iTunes is still there, which means no feature has been scraped during development.

We can't wait for Apple to implement cloud capabilities in iTunes, that's true. But I also can't wait for Wi-Fi Sync 2.0, which seems to be coming up great.