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Use Twitter for iOS with

Use Twitter for iOS with

Developed by Steve Streza, Apparchy is a proxy server that lets you use the official Twitter apps for iOS with Built for the hackathon that took place yesterday, Apparchy provides a functional API that lets the official Twitter clients work with As Streza explains on his personal blog:

Today I shipped the first alpha of Apparchy, which turns Twitter’s official iOS apps into clients. You sign up for a free account on, add your account, and then log into the Twitter app with your Apparchy username and password. Then, the Twitter app will start loading data from through the Apparchy API. You can view your stream, your mentions, your profile, your followers, and your friends, as well as post, reply, star, and repost. It’s not entirely complete, and some parts of the app will have no data or return nothing, but the core experience is pretty good.

I have set up Apparchy with my account, and it works just as advertised. Some Twitter-related features and UI elements aren't obviously compatible with, but for the most part, Apparchy is indeed reliable as a bridge. There are some bugs, so use caution if you already rely on Twitter for iOS for your Twitter accounts.

If you, like me, don't use Twitter for iOS but have it on your device, delete your existing accounts and set up Apparchy. I don't like Twitter for iOS, but this is a cool experiment nevertheless.