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Postagram: Print Postcards From Your Instagram Photos

A few days after Instagram launched its official API, web services and third-party applications promising integration with the popular photo sharing platform started popping up on the Internet and, as it usually happens, most of them were just cool experimentations not meant for massive usage on a large scale. That’s why we called Instaprint, a device that plugged into Instagram to print Polaroid-like photos, the coolest use of Instagram’s API we had seen. In the past weeks, you might have noticed we covered other interesting apps that rely on the API to deliver photos from Instagram on otherwise unsupported platforms like, for example, the Mac.

Clearly inspired by what Instaprint did with the mini-printer, Postagram is an actually working service and app available in the App Store that allows you to turn your Instagram photos into physical glossy postcards at 300 dpi. The concept is simple: you download the free app, log in with your Instagram account and grant authorization to Postagram. Once logged in, all you have to do is pick a photo from your Instagram stream, and choose to make it a postcard that will be sent to you in 2-5 business days (if you live in the United States). Printing a postcard costs $0.99 right now – the price will likely go up in the next weeks once this initial promotion is over – but users who sign up now can print a photo for free. I did, and I should receive it next week. The process is really super-easy, and you can also enter a personal message if you want – by default, the app picks the description from an Instagram photo (see screenshot above).

Postagram lets you send an Instagram postcard to any recipient, and if you’re planning on sending multiple ones the app will be able to remember previous choices so you don’t have to re-enter an address every time. You can enter credit card information in-app, but there’s no interface to track the status of a shipment – likely because it happens through regular postage. Furthermore, if you don’t like having your photo inside a postcard you can pop it out and end up with a single square in your hands, perfect for – say – your desk.

You can download Postagram from the App Store now and start ordering prints right away. We think this is a great idea – it’ll be huge for vacations this summer, if only the service will start offering discounts on large sets of photos – and I look forward to getting my postcard next week. Check out more screenshots below.


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