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Liveblog: WWDC 2012 Edition

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t write WWDC as dubbya-dubbya-DC at least once this year, so we’re going to get that out of the way before we’re slapped in the face with a case of the Mondays. Although, Monday doesn’t have to be all that bad — this year we’re going to try to deliver the goods live from 4th and Howard streets as we hold @SteveStreza hostage to do the dirty work of live blogging and taking pictures while we sleep in late, hang out in our PJs, and drink fancy coffee. Only once the pot is empty and our live blogger escapes our clutches will we finally sit down to bring you all day coverage of Apple’s latest product announcements. You dig?

Cool, because we’re going to be right here Monday morning as WWDC 2012 kicks off with this year’s Keynote. See you tomorrow!

Apple WWDC 2012 Keynote Time Zones:

13:00 — New York, New York
10:00 — San Francisco, California
07:00 — Honolulu, Hawaii
03:00 — Sydney, Australia
02:00 — Tokyo, Japan
01:00 — Shanghai, China
22:30 — New Delhi, India
21:00 — Moscow, Russia
19:00 — Rome, Italy
18:00 — London, England

Note: We’ll provide all day coverage of WWDC announcements on MacStories’ homepage and through our WWDC 2012 hub. We’ll have a liveblog in this post 30 minutes before the keynote kicks off, tweet text updates as @MacStoriesLive, and announce new articles and updates as @MacStoriesNet.

Liveblog and updates (in reverse chronological order) after the break.


Photo Updates from Moscone West

Update 8:00 AM: More photos from the line now inside Moscone West.

Update 7:30 AM: Apple is now letting attendees enter the Moscone West. Photos below.

Update 6:15 AM:Our friend Steve Streza is now line at Moscone West, and sharing photos of attendees, Apple employees watching the line, and more.

An Apple employee in orange t-shirt.

Human coffee dispensers are in line, too.

Our friends Rene Ritchie of iMore and Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web.

There is a bongo band playing at the line.

Also in line: @chronic, @b3ll, and @PolishDemon.

Update: At 4:45 AM Pacific time, the line for today’s WWDC keynote is already around the corner of Moscone West. Photo below via @cocoacast:

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