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Kickstarter: TAKTIK - A Premium Protection System for the iPhone

Many people take their iPhone protection very seriously. With cases like OtterBox and Griffin’s Armored case, there are some nice options available. LUNATIK, the makers of the TikTok+LunaTik watch, have started a new Kickstarter campaign to target these users with a new case called TAKTIK.

The design of the TAKTIK was injected from the TikTok+LunaTik and the LUNATIK Touch Pen with its hard lines and tactical feel. To take the rigidness of the case to the extreme, they have also included a Gorilla Glass lens (for an extra $25) for ultimate screen protection. The case itself has a shockproof suspension system with great iconic aesthetics. The TAKTIK also has GORE acoustic port covers to protect your iPhone from liquids, sand, dirt, etc. It has a nifty little patent-pending Silence Switch that only requires one fingertip to activate; there’s even a lanyard loop to fasten your iPhone safely to you. Videos after the break.

The Kickstarter project starts at $75 and that reserves you a white or black TAKTIK case, add another $25 to get the Gorilla Glass and for $150 you get a special silver anodized aluminum version. Want to give more and plan on buying a new iPhone this fall? If you pledge $250 they will guarantee you a future proof pack along with your iPhone 4/4S TAKTIK with upgraded Gorilla Glass. There are a few more options like a mix and match pack and a bike mount.

LUNATIK was started by crowd funding and born on Kickstarter. They are looking to do it all again with the TAKTIK iPhone case. Money raised will go towards funding tooling and development, testing and minimal order quantities. With 28 days to go they have already raised $100,000 US of their $150,000 goal. 650 people have already backed this project; if you want the best in iPhone protection it’s probably a safe bet that the TAKTIK will see production. For more information about LUNATIK and the TAKTIK, check out the Kickstarter page.

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