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Kickstarter Project: MobileMount – Mount & Kickstand for iPhone and iPad

There's a new iPhone mount making some headlines today called the MobileMount. It's a suction cup mount and kickstand for phones and tablets. JR Sanchez of J & M Company has produced a universal mount/kickstand, called the MobileMount, for most handheld devices with a flat surface such as iPhones and iPads.

The MobileMount is made of two twist-to-lock suction cups and a ball joint making it durable and safe. The twist-to-lock suction method can "hold devices for weeks at a time rather than simply a few hours like other competing mounts." So why is this "twist-to-lock" method so much better? J & M says that the suction cups squeeze out most of the air when they are in the locked position creating a much stronger vacuum. Videos after the break.

The MobileMount also uses a ball and joint method that gives it free horizontal and vertical rotation which means it can be moved to any angle that the user may need whether it's in a vehicle, on the wall beside your bed, or a table top.

Sanchez is looking for funding through Kickstarter so he can use the proposed $20,000 US for tooling and additional prototypes. This project already has $9,000 toward its $20,000 goal. With over 200 backers and 40 days to go this should be a successful project for J & M Company. We think this is a great idea for a mobile mount, it has so many uses and the durability of the locking system is very impressive. Watch the video below to see how strong the "twist-to-lock" system really is.

Pledges start at $1 and go up to $700. A $25 pledge will get you a preorder of MobileMount and 4 vinyl circles. Estimated delivery is January 2012. If you are interested in backing this project and/or want to read more, please visit the MobileMount's Kickstarter page.