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iPad Lines Around the World

As the new iPad begins its international rollout at 8 A.M. (local time) on Friday, March 16th, it’s no surprise Apple fans have started waiting in line at retail stores to get their hands on the device, which, this year, was also made available through online pre-orders.

On March 16th, the new iPad (our overview) goes on sale in 10 countries.

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK
  • France
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Australia

In this post, we’ll collect photos and videos about the experience of our readers and other folks around the web while waiting in line for the new iPad. Come back later for updates and new images.

Our friends at are in line at the Opéra Apple Store in Paris.

Reader Franz sent us a photo from the line forming at the Apple Store in Munich.

Anthony Agius is attending a special event by Australian carrier Telstra in Melbourne. The carrier organized a launch party, and it looks like a lot of fun.

Craig (@flawlessfox) sent us some photos from the Regent Street Apple Store in London. Around 20 people are in line right now at 2:10 PM local time (March 15th).

A line was also formed at the Apple Store in Tokyo (via The Next Web).

The Discovr team is camping out for the night at the Apple Store in Perth, Australia.

Reader Rohid Jetha sends us two photos from the line at the Opéra Apple Store in Paris.

Meanwhile,, also in Paris, decided to move to the Carrousel du Louvre Apple Store, where, apparently, there were less people in line as of this afternoon.

The line also continues in Perth.

Reader Neil sends us a photo of the start of the line at the Robina Apple Store, Australia.

Glasshouse Apps is in line at the Charlestown Apple Store, Australia. (full-size image)

Nico of sent us a photo of the first 20 people lining up at the Jungfernstieg Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany.

Another photo by reader Neil, from the Robina Apple Store.

The Discovr crew sent us more photos as well. It looks Apple has chosen a very simple marketing approach with the “Resolutionary” iPad displays.

Reader Aarun sends us a photo of the line at the Apple Retail store on Chermside, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

A few more pictures from the Apple Store in Perth, Australia, showing the closed off street, Apple Store employees making preparations for the launch, and cards being handed off to customers to select the iPad model they want.

And the new iPad has officially launched in Australia. Last pictures from the Perth Apple Store, courtesy of the Discovr team.

Reader Bradley shares a photo from the iPad launch in Liverpool, UK, at 3 AM local time.

Reader Eric Jones shares this photo from the Apple Store inside Mall of Buford GA.

Another Eric, this time from Georgetown (with the surname Breese) shares this photo and writes “About 50 people in Georgetown in Washington. Growing quickly, and lots of news crews.”

Justin Winchester from St.Louis notes that about 40 people have lined up outside the Apple store.

Over at the Dadeland Mall in Florida, there are around 20-30 people and Daniel Silva shares us this image.


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