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Hack Enables iPhone To Control Multiplayer Kinect Game

Singapore-based developer Rockmoon realized that there was a need for more iOS hacks that interacted with Microsoft's Kinect controller, and created a game prototype that allows two players to steer a vehicle in a 3D environment on screen, and shoot the vehicle's gatling gun the same time using a custom iPhone app. As noted by TUAW, the whole game shown in the demo video looks a lot like Sega's old Sewer Shark, with one player handling the steering wheel with his arms and other movements (such as leaning back and forward) and the other hand taking care of the shooting. The setup looks pretty cool and we'll never get tired of hacks and applications that enable functionalities and interactions otherwise unsupported by the platform, but really -- an iPhone that connects to a Microsoft Kinect is something we won't officially see anytime soon.

Still, it's neat and it appears to be working quite smoothly. Check out the video below.