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Developer Trailer for Infinity Blade 2 Details Amazing Graphics

December 1st will see the launch of Infinity Blade 2, the much anticipated follow-up that brings much improved visuals to one of iOS' strongest titles. First showcased at this year's iPhone 4S keynote, Infinity Blade 2 has already gotten plenty of hands-on time by the likes of IGN and SlideToPlay, and is expected to be a massive hit when it lands next week. Infinity Blade 2 will feature more weapons, an updated combat system, and more areas to explore while remaining familiar to the gameplay you love. The visuals, however, are what Infinity Blade is renown for. In the latest trailer, the developers discuss the game's jaw-dropping graphics that'll be delivered thanks to Apple's A5 processor. Catch the video after the break!

[via SlideToPlay]