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Are We Apple Fans of Faith?

Heidi A. Campell and Antonio C. La Pastina from Texas A&M must be die-hard Microsoft fanboys. Give their research to FOX News, and they'll transform a study on the idolization of technology into something earth shattering.

FOX News put out a rather amusing article yesterday that started off like this, "Apple is the new religion, say several academics. It's not a matter of rationality, it's a matter of faith."

My interest immediately piqued. Our purchases are suddenly an endangerment? In this eye opening report, I was enthused to learn that we devote ourselves to Apple products so much that we're willing to buy tablets that don't play flash videos, and millions rushed out to buy an iPhone 4 despite clear design flaws. We're accused of idolizing Steve Jobs as a, "God." The Texas A&M professors even accused the cult of Apple of being an 'implicit' religion, where our Apple products become a substitute for belief and behaviors associated with the practice of religion.

--  Apple's creation story epitomizes the humble garage origin of its technology -- not unlike the humble manger of Jesus' birth.

--  Apple CEO Steve Jobs is perceived as a messianic leader who was fired but rose again to save the company.

--  Apple has traditionally had an evil archenemy, the Devil, as represented first by Microsoft and now by Google.

Well at least we're not devil worshippers. And the comparison of Steve Jobs to Jesus is both humorous and unintentionally a compliment: I certainly wouldn't mind if someone said I was as swell as Christ himself. All kidding aside, the attempt to label Apple fans as cultists is pretty shallow, but I guess it's not surprising considering it's a FOX News report.

For a quick laugh and maybe even a good time, check out the full article at the source link below. Be sure to browse through the comments, because everyone does that for fun right?

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