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Apple Creates New “Catalogs” App Store Category Ahead of iPad 3 Event

As noted by MacRumors, Apple has created a new Catalogs category on the App Store, moving a number of existing apps into it. The category looks interesting for a number of reasons: first off, Apple doesn't just create new App Store categories, which are prominently featured on iTunes, leaving them empty as Catalogs looks when browsed from its direct URL right now. Second, whilst both iPhone and iPad apps have been moved into Catalogs, the empty App Store listing page reports "iPad Catalogs" -- this might as well hint at catalogs, as in shopping guides, being part of an announcement on stage tomorrow, or perhaps some demo time.

Several existing apps have already been placed into the Catalogs category, including Catalog Spree (pictured above), SkyMall, MTG Merchant and more. These apps have long existed in the App Store and have now been recategorized to "Catalogs". The apps had previously been listed under the Lifestyle and Utility sections of the App Store.

Interestingly enough, Google's own Catalogs app for iOS has received the new category treatment, while IKEA's app is still listed under Lifestyle. The new Catalogs category can be accessed here, albeit opening the link in a browser returns an empty webpage.

Whilst a new category isn't necessarily related to the next iPad, the fact that Catalogs went live ahead of the scheduled event and that it appears to not be completely developed seems to suggest that might be more coming soon. Tune in tomorrow at 9:30 AM PST for our Apple event liveblog.