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Apple Announces Q1 2012 Conference Call For January 24

Apple refreshed their Investor Relations page last night, updating with a placeholder that will direct investors (and listeners like us) to the upcoming conference call. For the first fiscal quarter in 2012, Apple has announced that that they will announce results on January 24.

Apple’s conference call webcast discussing Q1 - 2012 financial results will begin at 2:00pm PT/5:00pm ET on Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

In Q4 2011, Apple posted $28.27 billion in revenue with 17.07 million iPhones, 11.12 million iPads, and 4.89 million Macs sold. The company posted quarterly record-breaking revenue of  $28.27 billion and record quarterly net profit of $6.62 billion, or $7.05 per diluted share. Apple had their best iPad quarter to date, selling over 11 million units at a 166% increase over the year-ago quarter. The iPhone grew 21% over the year-ago quarter, while iPod sales were down 27 percent from the year-ago quarter. Apple also saw considerable progress in China, posting $4.5 billion in revenue for the September quarter. As of the fourth quarter, Apple has $81.6 billion in cash available.

During the Q4 2011 conference call, Tim Cook was confident that Apple would have a large supply of the iPhone 4S in the holiday quarter and expected to set an all-time record for the iPhone in the first quarter of 2012. Apple estimates they’ll post $37 billion in revenue and diluted earnings per share of around $9.30 for this quarter.

Asymco’s Horace Diedu estimates that Apple will report earnings of $12.3 on revenues of $44.6 billion, with the street price aiming at $9.75 EPS on $37.99 billion. Diedu expects a 120% year over year growth in iPhone sales, with predicted units sold at 35.7 million. Without a new iPod lineup, iPods sales expected to fall thirty percent from the year-ago quarter, with expected sales at 13.6 million units. iPads and Mac sales will continue to do well, exceeding the year-ago quarter with 100% (14.7 million units sold) and 27% (5.2 million units sold) growth respectively.

Reuters reported that Susquehanna has raised its price target on Apple’s stock and raised their iPhone shipment estimate to 30.3 million iPhones in the first quarter from it’s earlier forecast of 27.1 million units.

On October 17th, Apple announced that it had sold 4 million iPhones on its opening weekend, with 25 million users already using iOS 5. Phil Schiller said it was Apple’s most successful launch yet, doubling the sales of the iPhone 4 sold in three days last year. AT&T broke their record for first-day iPhone sales with 200,000 pre-orders, with Verizon Wireless and Sprint also seeing incredible demand.

We will provide live updates from the call on our site’s homepage on January 24 starting at 2 PM PST.

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