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10 Beautiful iTunes 10 Replacement Icons

Here's a follow-up to our post on how to get iTunes 9 look back in the latest 10 version: let's talk about the icon. I personally don't hate it (actually I quite like it), but it seems that I may be one of the very few ones. If you go over websites such as Dribbble or MacThemes or DeviantArt, people are going crazy about replacement icons for iTunes 10.

So I've rounded up 10 of the best replacements I've stumbled upon. I saved them in my Candybar database, and they'll be here once (and if) I'll decide to change my iTunes icon. Check them out after the break.

Toffenut's iTunes 10 Replacement (download)

Chris Carlozzi's iTunes replacement icon #1 (download)

Chris Carlozzi's iTunes replacement icon #2 (download)

Michael Flarup's iTunes 10 (soon available for download)

MattiasEkstrom's iTunes 10 revised (download)

Javier Ocasio's iTunes X Replacement (download)

Dan Wiersema's iTunes 10 icon (download)

Nobtaka's iTunes 10 icon (download)

Andrew Ramos' New iTunes Icon (download)

David Lanham's Flurry iTunes (download)