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Wikileaks Releases 140,000 Emails From Steve Jobs

Wikileaks Releases 140,000 Emails From Steve Jobs


Overall, the emails reinforce the image of Steve as a man of few words. A cursory review of this massive email dump reveals that 88% of his messages contain three or fewer words, with 84% of those offering only one: “No.”

He did get a bit wordier in an exchange with North Korean bad boy Kim Jong Il. Kim, aching to get a pre-release iPod touch for his son back in August, wrote to Steve requesting “a favor from one dictator to another.” In this case, Steve doubled the syllable count with a quick “Hell no.”

I have to admit this made me laugh.

Update: in case you have any doubts – yes, of course this is fake. Scoopertino is a website that reports “unreal Apple news”. Still funny.