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Rdio Launches Notifications For Your Artists

Rdio Launches Notifications For Your Artists

On the latest episode of the Generational podcast, I have discussed the reasons why I'm using Rdio over Spotify; among various features and design choices, I mentioned how Rdio has, for me, a superior presentation of New Releases. Not only is the New Releases section of the website and apps easy to browse and filter by week, the Rdio team is also very precise and timely in updating it every Tuesday with new music. In my year as a Rdio user, there hasn't been a single Tuesday that has gone by without new music. But still, you have to manually go to that section to find out about new music.

Today Rdio is introducing a new feature that is ideal for those who, like me, use the New Releases section on a weekly basis: Notifications.

Notifications will alert you to the latest jams through the web and desktop apps as well as email. You’ll never be out of tune with your favorite artists again.

Right now, notifications are only available on the website and Mac app, and I've already found out Queen have added A Night At The Opera to their Rdio catalogue earlier today. I look forward to having notifications on the iOS apps.