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Create New Byword Notes From Mr. Reader

Create New Byword Notes From Mr. Reader

I'm a big fan of Mr. Reader's new services menu. Through URL schemes (documented here), it allows the app -- a Google Reader client -- to send selected text, URLs, or article titles to other apps. One of the custom actions posted by the developer allows you to create a new note in Byword, possibly formatted as a linked post for your blog.

The action (which you can download here) uses by Byword URL scheme to create a new note. In the note, you can have the article's original title, some selected text, and a source link formatted as Markdown. As shown in the image above, you can modify the template with any characters you want. For instance, I added a > character before [TEXT-SELECTED] to format the selection as a quote block in Markdown.

I personally use Nebulous Notes and Poster to create articles for MacStories on the iPad, but a lot of folks like Byword. Check out the Mr. Reader action if you've been looking for a way to send text and links from Google Reader to Byword.

(Bonus: here's a quick video showing the action)