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Apple-1 Goes For $213k In Christie’s Auction

Apple-1 Goes For $213k In Christie’s Auction

Two hundred Apple-1 computers are estimated to have been created and sold for $666.66 before Apple Computer Inc. was founded in 1977. Once the Apple II, the company’s first official product, was released, many of the Apple-1 models were reclaimed as trade-ins. Only about 50 are still known to exist, many of them indexed by hardware developer Mike Willegal.

Of those 200 machines, Christie’s Apple-1 is No. 82. This same Apple-1 is thought to be the same one that was sold on eBay in November 2009 by a user named “apple1sale” to “julescw72”. At the time, it sold for a winning bid of $50,000.

Remember the original Apple-1 that was up for auction at Christie’s? Someone bought it for almost $220,000.