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Shawn Blanc’s “Delight is in the Details”

My good friend Shawn Blanc launched his new "audio book, eBook, and interview series for people who make things" today. It's called Delight is in the details, and it's available at $29 (audio book, eBook, and interviews) or $20 (eBook only).

From Shawn's description:

In the book, I talk about why the long-term success of our products (and our reputations) depends heavily on us taking the time to think through and sweat the details. This book encourages you to strive for excellence and resist the tendency to settle on “good enough” work that leads to forgettable products.

If you buy the $29 "Delight is in the Details" bundle, you'll also find an interview with me about details and little touches in iOS apps, what makes a good first impression, and the importance of function in software.

I read Shawn's book, and I highly recommend it. Get it here.