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Putting iOS Screenshots in Device Frames with Workflow

A few weeks back in an issue of MacStories Weekly for Club MacStories members, I replied to a reader question on the inability to automate the process of putting iOS screenshots into device frames. I recommended doing so manually with Pixelmator or using LongScreen, noting that, at the moment, Workflow doesn’t offer a “paste image on top of another image” action. I knew there were workarounds with Workflow and Pythonista, but I wanted a streamlined solution.

Here’s Jordan Merrick, writing on his blog:

Federico isn’t wrong - there isn’t really any way to automate the placement of a screenshot inside an existing image of something like an iPhone or iPad using something like Workflow. However, if we come at this from a different angle, it actually is possible to achieve the desired result with Workflow.

Instead of looking to insert a screenshot inside device image, a screenshot can be “wrapped” by slicing a device image beforehand. Then, with some creative use of the “Combine Images” action and a few variables later, it’s possible to wrap a screenshot in a way that results in a perfect image of an iOS device containing a screenshot.

This is what I had in mind but didn’t build. Jordan put together one of the most clever workflows I’ve seen in a while – another good demonstration of the power of this app.