On Touch ID Being Too Fast

Dr. Drang, in response to an article by Craig Mod arguing that Touch ID has gotten too fast on the iPhone 6s’ Lock screen and that it shouldn’t unlock a device by default:

But would you really want to go back to the slower Touch ID? How often, when you unlock your phone, do you want to use one of the lockscreen affordances? And how does the time you lose in those cases compare to the time you gain in all those cases when you don’t want to use the lockscreen? Since I’m in a betting mood, I’ll bet the time you’ve saved overwhelms the time you’ve lost. And I’ll bet Apple studied iPhone usage enough to know that would be the case long before the improved Touch ID was released.

Despite the annoyance of my Lock screen being dismissed by the faster Touch ID on the 6s, I think the trade-off is worth it. The number of times I was glad my iPhone unlocked quickly have, in my experience, outweighed the disruption caused by having to re-open Notification Center to view my missed notifications.

As I wrote in October, I’d rather see Apple explore 3D Touch as a way to wake an iPhone’s screen without the commitment of unlocking it with Touch ID:

If we assume that Touch ID is staying in the Home button for the foreseeable future, I wouldn’t be surprised to know that Apple is exploring the idea of using the display itself to wake the device. Think about it: why rely on a sensor that is used to unlock the iPhone and why continue to press a button hundreds of times each day when you could turn on the screen just by pressing on it? I shared my theory before, and now that the iPhone’s display has a new layer to account for, it seems odd that it’s not being used to wake the device without unlocking it. I want to be able to wake the 6s Plus with 3D Touch: this way, I’d be able to press anywhere on screen to do it, and I’d only use the Home button when necessary.