Moleskine and FiftyThree Team Up For Paper Book

FiftyThree, creators of Paper for iPad, have teamed up with Moleskine to create the Book, a printed notebook for Paper sketches. The Book has a special 4:3 format that matches the iPad’s screen, and sketches are printed on sustainable matte paper at double the PPI of the iPad mini.

From the FiftyThree blog:

Today we’re announcing a new product with a whole new way to share your ideas. Bring your ideas to life with a beautiful, custom-printed Book, created right from within Paper. FiftyThree and Moleskine, maker of the legendary notebook, bring you a new format designed uniquely for Paper. Book is a 15-page foldout of your sketches on sustainable matte paper, with the choice of your own custom cover or a classic hardcover. Book is the simplest and most beautiful way to share your ideas with others.

The news comes less than a week after Evernote announced their plans to move into the hardware space following last year’s partnership with Moleskine. While I wouldn’t call this a “trend” yet, it’s interesting how two popular software makers of the modern era (both heavily focused on the iOS platform) are now cutting deals with hardware partners. Paper’s move is more niche-oriented than Evernote’s general-purpose notebook and Post-it features, and I’m curious to see if they’ll consider other analog formats in the future (larger notebooks, frames, etc).