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iOS 8 Lock Screen and App Shortcuts Based on Location

Juli Clover, writing for MacRumors:

One new feature sees the iPhone displaying apps on the lock screen based on location. For example, MacRumors readers have seen relevant app icons pop up while at or near brick and mortar locations like Starbucks and the Apple Store. While at a Starbucks, for example, the Starbucks app icon is displayed in the lower left corner of the iPhone's lock screen, which allows a Starbucks Passbook card to be easily accessed.

I haven't seen this feature mentioned anywhere on Apple's website, but I've read tweets from other users noting the same behavior for banks and other local points of interest and stores.

It's interesting to think about this in combination with Near Me, an App Store section that was launched with iOS 7 to highlight relevant apps for your current location. Personally, I've never relied on Near Me because its recommendations were slim (I only get a single app for my town), but the idea of proactively injecting shortcuts in the Lock screen for apps based on location intrigues me.

I'd be curious to know if this feature will only work with apps that are already installed (thus simply launching them) or if it will also act as an extension for Near Me, allowing you to quickly discover relevant apps from the Lock screen.