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Instacast for Mac Public Beta Now Available

A beta release of my default podcast client for iOS. Here’s our review of Instacast 3 from last year.

Nate Boateng, who has been testing the app, posted a first look on his personal blog:

The Vemedio team once again worked with Marcelo Marfil to create a wonderful UI that is easy to understand, and looks beautiful. The interface has many of the same components as the iOS counterparts, but restructured nicely for the Mac. You have two main views; Subscriptions and Lists. Like on iOS, Subscriptions show your full list, while Lists are the equivalent of Playlists on the iPhone and iPad —showing your default and custom lists.

I look forward to playing more with the app. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks good, but, being a beta, sync reliability will need more time.