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How Panic Is Using Status Board

Fascinating look at the widgets and hardware Panic is using for their own Status Board setup.

This bit caught my attention:

Units have been especially interesting since they reveal so much about the economics of (our) iOS software, as this Graph panel shows. Although (our) iOS apps sell a respectable number of units, the revenue they bring in barely charts compared to our Mac stalwarts. So far! We’re working hard on improving our iOS apps, and trying new ideas, in order to crack the iOS market a little bit more.

Diet Coda, priced at $19.99, is a fantastic piece of iPad software, and yet it doesn't bring in much revenue compared to Panic's Mac apps.

Just yesterday, I was thinking that it's strange how Apple still hasn't brought the Developer Tools category of the Mac App Store over to the iOS App Store. There are excellent examples of developer-oriented software, especially on the iPad: Textastic, xScope Mirror, Codea, Pythonista, and the aforementioned Diet Coda come to mind -- plus many more. Two years ago, I asked whether the iPad needed programming apps.

Times have changed. Today, I wonder: would a Developer Tools category in the App Store help apps like Diet Coda get more exposure? Wouldn't it make sense to give these tools another category, more specific and focused than the crowded Productivity one?