GIF Finder for iOS

Reports of the GIF’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Not a day goes by that I don’t see a reaction GIF pop up in a Twitter conversation or text from a friend. Here at MacStories, we “rely” on GIFs as our daily source of visual entertainment and subtle feedback in our iMessage group thread.

GIF Finder is a recent addition to my arsenal of GIF discovery tools that is simple but well executed. The app is free and it can search for GIFs on Tumblr; you can search for GIFs matching queries like “excited” or “sports fail” and tap on a thumbnail to view a GIF in full-screen. Tap the share button, and the app brings up a menu with options to Copy URL (which doesn’t work for me), share on iMessage and Twitter, but also open in Google Chrome and Tweetbot. The app is universal for iPhone and iPad.

I wish GIF Finder could search beyond Tumblr: ReplyGIF, Reactions GIFs, and imgur’s reactiongifsarchive albums are essential resources that I’d love to see supported in GIF Finder.