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Deliveries 7.0

Terrific update to one of my most used apps for iPhone and iPad: Deliveries by Junecloud. As someone who’s buying more and more from Amazon every year – all our 2015 Christmas gifts came from Amazon, for instance – Deliveries has turned into an essential utility to keep track of multiple orders at once without visiting the Amazon website (which is ugly and slow).

Today’s major update has brought full iOS 9 support (3D Touch, Spotlight, multitasking, Safari View Controller, etc.), better iCloud sync, improved clipboard detection and, my favorite, the ability to select any text, tap the ‘Share’ button of the copy & paste menu, and feed text to the Deliveries extension, which will parse order numbers automatically. This app is so good, I wish I could buy it multiple times.

See also: Deliveries 2.0 for Mac, released today on the Mac App Store.