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Automation Service IFTTT Announces New Functionality and Apps

A big limitation of IFTTT has been that Recipes could only execute one action. Today, IFTTT launched Applets, which can do everything that Recipes could, but more. According to the IFTTT blog:

In the past, you used IFTTT by adding Recipes, which were “if this, then that” connections between two services. Today, Recipes have evolved into Applets. Applets can do everything that Recipes could — and much more. They bring your services together, creating new experiences that you can unlock with a single switch.

The introduction of Applets includes a redesign of and the combination of IFTTT’s IF and DO apps into one app called IFTTT, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store.



IFTTT is also adding tools for its partners to build services that take advantage of Applets’ multiple action and filtering capabilities and opening its partner platform to anyone with an API, which should help IFTTT add to its library of Applets quickly. Multiple action support is a big deal for IFTTT that opens up a wide array of possibilities. It will be interesting to see what integrations are built.