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Apple Highlights HomeKit’s Potential on New Webpage

Today Apple’s webpage about HomeKit and the iOS Home app has been completely revamped. It includes a new 45-second video where Siri commands and scenes in the Home app are used to control lights, window shades, door locks, coffee makers, and more. The video highlights how easy and convenient it can be to control smart devices once they’re set up in Home.

Besides the featured video, the new Home-centric page includes sections covering various aspects of the Home platform, such as:

  • Every type of home accessory that is available with HomeKit, with a link to the full list of devices that are either on sale now or have been announced for future release.
  • An explanation of how the Home app organizes devices by different rooms.
  • Short videos showcasing several different scenes that can be set up, like ‘Good Morning’ or ‘I’m Home.’ Each of these features parts of the featured video mentioned above, but with different music.
  • Examples of voice commands that can be used with Siri to control HomeKit devices.
  • A description of the Apple TV’s role as a home hub.
  • Automation’s presence in the Home app as a tool for enabling certain actions automatically.

This past year has seen the first major smart home push from Apple since HomeKit’s announcement nearly three years ago, at WWDC 2014. It comes at a time when Amazon’s Alexa is quickly expanding its reach beyond the Echo and into devices of all kinds. It will be interesting to see if any announcements are made at this year’s WWDC to further bolster HomeKit against increased competition.