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1Password for Apple Watch Released

With an update to their iOS app released today, AgileBits has officially introduced 1Password for Apple Watch, which users will be able to install once the Watch launches this month.

On the Watch, 1Password will enable the creation of “bookmarks” to pin important information to the Watch app, where it’ll be easily accessible. From their blog post, an example:

After a couple months of diligently attending the gym, you’ve earned a coveted private locker. Of course, remembering your locker combination is probably not a priority when you’re counting reps. But if you store that combination in 1Password, it only takes a couple of taps for you to see the combination in 1Password for Apple Watch when you’re back at your locker.

Also interesting: AgileBits made the Apple Watch app a Pro feature, which can be unlocked through 1Password’s $9.99 In-App Purchase. I wonder if more developers will follow this route and try to monetize Watch apps as extra features of iPhone apps with IAPs.