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Cook Delicious Meals with Cookmate. Review and Giveaway.

It happens almost everyday to me: I have the fridge full of many different food but I just don't know what to cook for lunch. Should I cook some pasta with those beans or just a quick salad? Fortunately, my girlfriens has always some great ideas, but now I can say that there's an app for that. Yes, Cookmate, which was finally accepted by Apple yesterday, lets you easily decide what to cook - with style.

And we also have a bunch of promo codes to give away.

Cookmate is a simple food manager or - even better - a "personal virtual chef" which tells you what you can cook basing on which foods you currently have. Sounds genius, huh? It truly is. From the main screen, the Pantry, you get a quick overview of different food "families" like Meat, Vegetables or Fish. As you tap on a category you'll be presented another screen which lists many different food typed belonging to that category. And this is pretty usual, you'd say. The cool thing is, once you've choosen some foods - say, 4 - you can tell Cookmate to search for a recipe that contains the foods you've previously picked up. It will start scanning its own built-in database and it will give you the results after some seconds, very cool. Moreover, if it finds "partially complete" recipes (say you miss 2 ingredients) it tells you which foods you have to go buy.

And here comes the second part of this Cookmate app, the groceries list. You can add missing ingredients in the Groceries section, which is a pretty straightforward list that also shows you an badge with all the items you have to purchase. But where Cookmate really stands out from the crowd of recipes manager apps is in the details. You can share recipes on Facebook, upload and share photos or even get additional recipes via in-app purchase. (thanks to Robin for pointing out that the additional recipes are still waiting approval, should be out in the 3 weeks or so)

And last, I'd like to mention the absolutely gorgeous user interface: it's delicious, much like a well cooked italian food.

See the screenshot in this review to believe me.


Thanks to the Cookmate Team of Cookmate app I’m very happy to announce that we have 5 promo codes of Cookmate up for grabs!

Entering the contest is simple. All you have to do is:

- Follow me on Twitter (@storiesofmac) and tweet this message: “Win a Copy of Cookmate for iPhone @storiesofmac”


- Leave a comment here with the link to your tweet.

I’ll pick up the winners on Sunday, December 13th.

Good luck!

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