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The Sun Launches iPad App, Contains Nudity

The Sun has released its official iPad application, which is available here. The app relies on a $7.99 per month subscription model, which - surprisingly enough considering other newspapers - is lower than the print counterpart.

As The Next Web reports though, the app contains nudity but Apple has approved it nonethless.

"What we find a lot more surprising is the approval of an app that contains nudity, something that Apple is notoriously strict with. It appears The Sun’s app features a replica Page 3 feature and is able to get round the “No Porn” rule because it requires users to confirm they are over seventeen years of age before they are able to download the app. Previously The Sun iPhone app was pulled from the App Store because of the inclusion of said page.

Other sexually suggestive apps have been granted access to the App Store because they have real-world print editions that would be familiar to customers.

The Sun’s inclusion on the App Store could herald a new wave of apps containing nudity, utilizing age verification to stop children from downloading them."

My guess is that Apple will always approve rules compliant applications from popular brands, even if they come with some sort of "adult content".