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The iPad Dock That’s Also A Projector

We have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of simple or original stands and dock stations for the iPad. From those that just hold your iPad upright while charging it, to the more sophisticated units that come with additional ports and connections, there's wide range of possibilities to consider. If you're looking for an iPad dock that also happens to be a Pico projector, though, you might just consider the WowWee Cinemin Slice.

It's a dock, but it's got a projector built in. As you put the iPad in there, the Cinemin Slice will take care of projecting your iPad's screen wherever you like. Available for pre-order at $429, WowWee says it's perfect for media and for small groups of friends, where TVs can't go. The unit has mini-HDMI and AV ports for media players and a VGA ports for PCs and laptops. It supports the 16:9 aspect ratio and it has a resolution of 854 x480. An infrared remote control is included in the package, together with 5 docking trays for iOS devices.

If you're thinking about getting one, head over WowWee's website. [Gizmodo via WowWee]