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Squarespace Introduces Their Official iPad App: Why Can’t All Blogging Tools Be This Awesome?

Squarespace is a phenomenal  blogging platform that allows customers to easily build their own websites, check statistics, moderate comments, and enjoy the freedoms of mobile blogging on both the iPhone and (now) the iPad. While many of us have struggled or implemented some wonky workflow to blog on the iPad, you may just want to ditch your Movable Type or WordPress blog for Squarespace simply because their iPad app is quite frankly amazing.

I've emailed blog posts before, but there's nothing worse than the distraction of your inbox when writing blog posts. There's also those Simplenote or Writer articles written in Markdown that eventually get converted to HTML on the Mac before being uploaded. I've also tried TextExpander for Markdown, but real time conversions are slow (especially if you have to edit on the iPad). Then we even have native blogging applications like WordPress that are honestly awful, though I supposed WordPress' bare minimum iPad app is better than nothing. Squarespace did their blogging app right, because not only is it both beautiful and functional (all of your tools are available in a familiar interface), but you can blog in Markdown and Textile natively -> that's the killer feature folks. You also get easy access to your web tools for moderating comments and checking page views, and I don't feel like I'm hindered by what my tablet has to offer. Squarespace, you guys seriously rock.

If you have a Squarespace account, the iPad app is free to download. If you don't have a Squarespace account, you can still download the app, though you'll need to create a free trial to try it out (and we recommend watching the video above to see what Squarespace is all about).

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