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Sorted, Beautiful To-do App for iPad

So I decided to stick with Things from Cultured Code as my GTD iPad app of choice. In the long run, I think Things is going to be the best I can have on all the devices I'm running it on (iPad, Mac, iPhone) and as soon as Cultured Code will introduce support for OTA sync, it will be just perfect. Read my review of Things for iPad here.

But what about those of you who bought an iPad, want to be productive on it but can't really stand the whole GTD method? Well I'm afraid to tell you that there aren't many alternatives right now into the App Store. Whether you want a simple checklist app or just another note taking software that you can use as todo solution, really - the choice is limited. You have to give a spin to this app though: Sorted by Savage Interactive.

Sorted takes a very particular approach to mobile productivity yet a very normal one in regards to the platform it's available on. It's no Things or Omnifocus, but it feels so good as a whole on the iPad. Maybe this is exactly what doing tasks on the iPad will be like in the future months. You basically have no projects, teammates, tags or contexts: all you have to do is enter single tasks in a list, assign them a date and priority and you're set. You can also choose a color to label tasks and enter some notes inside a popover menu. Seriously, that's it.

The great thing about Sorted is that, like I said, it feels perfect on the iPad. The main screen is the same "pick-a-document" screen you can find in apps such as Pages and Omnigraffle, but you have Lists here instead of Documents. You can sort items inside a list by dragging them around or switching between the tabs at the top. If you're looking for simplicity and efficiency at the highest levels, this app is meant for you.

To complete tasks you just have to swipe over them, and to bring a completed task back you can re-swipe on the same under the Completed tab. To enter a new item, tap a button or double tap on screen. It's productivity for people who don't need tons of features and just want something straightforward and beautiful enough to keep them company while organizing stuff. Sorted is beautiful, and pixel love is all over the place. Just take a look at the screenshots to see by yourself.

Sorted is available at only $0.99 in the App Store. Seriously, you'd be fool to leave this on the shelf. I'm a Things user myself, but I'm going to keep this for all those mini-tasks that don't deserve to go into my GTD workflow - and I'm sure you can do this too.

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