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Extend Your iPad Dock with Infinidock

With all those extra pixels, I think Apple could have done something more with the iPad dock. You can add more icons than the iPhone, but that’s pretty much it. Fortunately ther are some tweaks in Cydia you can download to enhance the functionality of the iPad dock, and today we’re taking a look at Infinidock from @chpwn.

Infinidock allows you to put how many icons you want in the dock, scroll through them and even organize them in pages, all within the dock. Once you’ve installed the app via Cydia (comes as a paid app at $0.99) your iPad will respring and go back to the homescreen. You won’t notice anything different at this point. Open and find the preferences for Infinidock. Here you can enable the paging, which allows you to organize your dock in pages (like the Springboard) and set a number of icons per page. I use 7. You can also try to enable the scrolling snap, but I don’t suggest you to - it will put your iPad in persistent safe mode and the only to get rid of it will be to manually delete the .plist preference file using an app such as iFile. So, feel free to enable scrolling and paging, and set a number of icons per page.

In this way I’ve been able to hide all those iPhone icons from the home screen and still have them organized in a second page of the dock. It’s also more comfortable to swipe through the dock rather than having to find an app in an entire page. A dock like this make more sense to me, it’s unobtrusive and useful.

The current version of Infinidock has some bugs though. Scrolling snap issue aside, I discovered that if you change orientation from portrait to landscape mode the paging effectwill disappear forcing you to respiring the device using SBSettings. (some people also report that it’s possible to fix the issue by entering wiggling mode and pressing the home button again). Quite annoying anyway. It might also happen that if you don’t activate paging the dock won’t align icons properly at the center of the screen.

Overall, I recommend you to buy Infinidock if you’re running a jailbroken iPad. At .99 you’ll get the possibility to have a completely overhauled dock yet maintaining the usability and feel Apple has put into it. The developer is working hard to improve it, so the perfect edition is just an update away, I guess.

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