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AirSketch Showcases Wireless Doodles. Review and Giveaway!

So you’re giving a presentation on stage. iPad in hand, you swipe through your presentation images, conveying different ideas. At the end, a quick Q&A question presents you with a scenario you couldn’t predict. “How would your website do this?” Quickly, you bring up AirSketch, and in front of an audience of dozens, begin sketching your plans. But whether it’s for presentations or fun, AirSketch is a seriously cool sketchpad for the iPad that allows you to wirelessly share your masterpieces via your local network.

AirSketch doesn’t require wireless at all. In fact you never have to use it (it’s perfectly fine on its own as a sketchpad). But that’s where its use comes in: if you have an idea to share (especially on stage or during a presentation), AirSketch fits the bill really nicely.

All you really need to do is connect to AirSketch is a HTML5 compatible web browser. From your local network, you simply visit the address given and watch the magic happen. As someone draws on the iPad, it will appear almost instantly (as drawn) in the web browser. Everything works with minimal lag, though I wonder how many clients could connect to the iPad before you started to see a dramatic slowdown. I could only test a couple, and it worked great.

AirSketch MS3

AirSketch MS3 (View full size)

Being the most amazing artist in the world, you can see a website sketch I’m working on. Is this the new MacStories 3.0? Who knows how it’ll turn out at this point, but when you’re sitting with the guy who plans on making your site the most beautiful thing ever, he better not take this too literally. Though honestly, this is the best thing we’ve come up with yet.

AirSketch Wireless

AirSketch Wireless (View full size)

AirSketch is also really amazing for the kids. Play a game of hangman. Draw a dinosaur. Plan the next level of a top secret video game. I had a blast goofing around with friends and family. As you can tell, the dinosaur is pretty excited about it too. Imagine playing iSketch… but in real life! This thing is too cool.

AirSketch Saved Images

AirSketch Saved Images (View full size)

AirSketch Strokes

AirSketch Strokes (View full size)

Of your drawing options, you can see the various strokes above. A pencil like line, a couple pens, a marker, and highlighter style options complete your palette. Double tapping on a color brings up the ability to choose your presets (most likely you won’t need to in casual use), and for those super awesome drawings, you can save them for later. Undo and redo options are also available if you are really bent on pursuing the perfect doodle.

Listen up. AirSketch for the iPad is a great sketchpad that allows you to wirelessly share random drawings throughout the office, on your home TV, or any device that has a web browser built in. For $4.99 on the iTunes App Store, you can have something that works flawlessly with absolutely zero setup.

We’re guessing you’d really like to have a copy. Qrayon was kind enough to allot us one license to giveaway, and we have all the details below.


Okay Van Gogh, we got your back. If you’re looking to have some fun this weekend, then you gotta leave a comment below telling us how or why you really want Air Sketch. We’re not looking for, “because it’s free” kind of answers, but a short thoughtful sentence or two describing why you really want it. Trust us when I say: we’re picky. The contest ends Saturday, July 24th. Good luck!

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