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Required Reading On App Store Pricing For Developers

Required Reading On App Store Pricing For Developers

The development of an app no doubt involves many tough decisions and trade-offs that you have to make, and one of the biggest will be at what price to sell your app for. To help clarify the important lessons and issues to consider when pricing an app, Michael Jurewitz has posted a five-part series based on his Çingleton and NSConference talks on 'Understanding App Store Pricing'.

I've included below a brief summary of each article by Michael, but it's really no substitution for reading the entire series yourself. It's well written and although at times it covers some moderately complex microeconomic theories, it is broken down in easy to understand language with helpful diagrams and practical examples.


Twitterrific 5.2: Push Notification Rollout, Profile Banners, and Storify for Discussions

Push Notification Beta Alert

Push Notification Beta Alert

Redesigned from the ground up, Twitterrific launched last December with a fresh design that pleasantly surprised long time fans of the app. Breaking ground on the original iPhone, Twitterrific has relatively stayed the same for years, subtracting unnecessary features and focusing on delivering a robust core experience. Today, people expect more from their Twitter clients, such as the ability to mute hashtags and receive push notifications for follows and replies. The Iconfactory addressed the former through their last update with muffling, a simple way to shush users, hashtags, and domains on the timeline. Yesterday, The Iconfactory began addressing the latter by introducing push notifications in Twitterrific 5.2.

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