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Ruminate, Episode 184 – The Rhythm of the Newsroom

This week on Ruminate, snack follow up, a WeblogPoMo progress update, the 100 best albums, and AI on iOS.

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Ruminate, Episode 182 – Straight to the Eggplant and Peach

This week on Ruminate, I explore more pickle snacks, Robb bought a new keyboard, and I grill Robb on what exactly EchoFeed is.

Krinkle Cut Dill Pickle - Kettle Brand

Join Club MacStories

Using the 8BitDo Keyboard on MacOS • Robb Knight

8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock(Bluetooth) | 8BitDo

Keystone Artisan Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard Question Mark Anime Theme Yellow Color Zinc Aluminum Alloy Metal Customize - AliExpress

DropScout | Save Money on Amazon with Price Alerts!


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Ruminate, Episode 181 – A Dusting of Dill

This week on Ruminate, we start with some very old follow up, I have a story about Dominos, we both have a near-miss on being April-fooled, then into a discussion about webmentions, plus a little bit about Arc.

Webmentions | crashthearcade

Mastodon Webmentions and Privacy • Robb Knight

Neatnik Notes · A Fediverse, if you can keep it

A simple explainer on federation, and what it means for Threads users

We Might Not Make It - by The Browser Company

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Ruminate, Episode 180 – Spoilers for Colin

This week, Ruminate joins MacStories, we follow up on the AI/Arc discussion from episode 179, Tim Berners-Lee’s open letter, Robb explains Colin the Caterpillar, and John dives into Southern food.

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Ruminate Joins MacStories

2015 was a busy year. At the beginning, I released an app, and at the end, I joined MacStories. In between, Robb Knight and I started Ruminate, making it the longest-running thing I currently do.

Ruminate began on a sunny day at a Chicago country club.

Ruminate began on a sunny day at a Chicago country club.

I remember the show’s origin well. I was still working at a law firm in Chicago and was sitting outside on a warm summer day at a compulsory work outing, where most people played golf. I, however, was planning my exit from the world of law, working on a long list of project ideas and soaking up some sun. That’s when Robb, who I’d gotten to know online over the previous year or two, contacted me to say, ‘We should do a podcast,’ which is perhaps the most 2015 thing he could possibly have proposed. I was a little hesitant at first, but I was ready to try anything that might help me quit my job, so with that, Ruminate was born.

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What I’ve always loved about Ruminate is its casual, low-key vibe. We’ve covered serious topics like content moderation on social media, but there’s always a healthy dose of our latest online discoveries, weird snack food, and videogames, too. It’s a mix that I think makes the show fun and entertaining, while offering some food for thought about the web from two very online people.

That time I encouraged people to tweet at Robb, so the tweets would show up on a huge screen in the middle of his graduation ceremony.

That time I encouraged people to tweet at Robb, so the tweets would show up on a huge screen in the middle of his graduation ceremony.

Some of you may wonder why Ruminate is joining MacStories after so many years on its own. It’s a good question. My motivation is to reach more listeners and mix things up a little to keep the show fresh and interesting.

Now is the perfect time for a show like Ruminate to broaden its audience, too. Centralized social media has splintered, ActivityPub and federation are on the rise, and AI is upending online media companies that rely on Google Search. Those factors have left many people ready for a smaller, indie web built by humans instead of big companies or AI bots.

Robb and I have covered topics like RSS, static websites, micro-blogging, and the many amazing online projects we come across for years. Those things never really went away, but suddenly, people are ready for their tech lives to get weird again, whether it’s the hardware they use or how they spend time on the web. Robb and I are here to bring the weird web to your podcast player every two weeks, just like we’ve been doing for years.

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