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Realmac Announces Mac App Store Pricing, Courier Becomes App Store Exclusive

Our friends over at Realmac have been busy deciding the approach to take for the Mac App Store, which in case you somehow missed by living under a rock for the past three months, is launching tomorrow as a free update for every Snow Leopard user. The Realmac team has evaluated all the options on how to best port all their applications to the new Store, while retaining the possibility to sell software to customers through their own website.

There’s been plenty of discussion about what developers will do with their apps and pricing, so today we’re announcing some pricing changes that will come into effect once the App Store goes live. Customers who purchase one of our applications via the Realmac Store will not be affected by these changes as, where applicable, they’re being applied to our own store.

First off, Courier – a beautiful app to send any file to a variety of online services we reviewed here – is going to be a Mac App Store exclusive priced at $4.99. The great news is, if you purchased Courier at full price in the past and you’re willing to re-download the app from the Mac App Store (you know, to keep a neat app library and forget about manual updates) the developers are offering a full refund. Just buy the app from the Mac App Store and send both the receipts (the old one, and the new iTunes receipt) to Realmac’s email address to get a refund for the old, full price. More details here.

As for Realmac’s other apps, RapidWeaver 5.0 is going on sale at $39.99 for a limited time, with LittleSnapper seeing a price drop as well to $24.99. The new prices will be effective tomorrow both on the Mac App Store and Realmac’s website.

Realmac is another example of long-time OS X developers that are believing in the new platform as the best new way to reach millions of new customers and Mac users. For other app previews and details, check out our Mac App Store hub.

Courier 1.1 Adds MobileMe Support, Plays Nice With Large Uploads

Courier is the latest Mac app by the guys over at Realmac Software which we reviewed 2 months ago here. Through a highly custom and beautiful interface, it allows you to upload files to a variety of online services such as Flickr, Facebook, Ember, Vimeo and Youtube. The first version of the app also allowed you to send files to your FTP server and Amazon S3. All is achieved via “envelopes”, packages the app sends to your selected sources.

Courier 1.1, released today, adds the much requested MobileMe support and improves reliability with large uploads – which could take longer than usual on the older version. In spite of the added functionality, the app is still intuitive and easy to use.

Courier is available at $19.95 on Realmac’s website, with a free trial available as well. We look forward to seeing Courier in the Mac App Store.