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A Collection of 250+ Terminal Commands, Hacks, Tips and Tuts for Mac OS X

If you’re an advanced user of Mac OS X, it’s very likely that you know what is. If you’re not, the Terminal is an application included in every version of OS X into the Utilities folder which provides a command line interface to manually control your Mac.

In this roundup I’ve collected the best links about you’ll find the best commands, hacks and tips to get the most out of it.


Top 15 Terminal Commands for Hidden Settings in Snow Leopard

Top 50 Terminal Commands

9 useful MAC OS console commands

Sync to Dropbox from anywhere in your home folder

Force Safari to open target links in new tab rather than window

Tweak Screencapture Behavior

Managed Client: How to disable Exposé and Spaces

Ten OS X Command Line Utilities you might not know about

Edit A Text File In Terminal

Useful Mac OS X Terminal Commands

Flush DNS Cache

Send Email From Gmail From the Command Line

Remove Google Software Update on Mac OS X

Tweeting To Twitter From Terminal

See which processes are using the Internet

Revealing Mac OS X’s Hidden Single-Application Mode

Enabling Terminal’s directory and file color highlighting in Mac OS X

40 Useful Mac OS X Shell Scripts and Terminal Commands

10.6: Disable and enable Rosetta via Terminal

25 Terminal Tips Every Mac User Should Know

15 Terminal commands to supercharge OS X

Handy Terminal commands for Mac OSX Leopard #1

Customizing Terminal in Mac OS X 10.5

Blurminal, Yeah, add some blur for your terminal windows

Top 50 Terminal Commands

Basic Terminal Commands for Mac OS X

How to Convert DMG File to ISO Using Terminal on Mac


A black OS X Leopard Terminal theme that is actually readable

5 Most Useful Terminal Command Utilities

Introduction to Terminal for Disk Maintenance

Create Mac OS X AppleScript application to call Unix/terminal commands

Mac Terminal Shortcuts

10.6: Globally enable text substitutions and spell check

Themed Tab Terminal for OSX Leopard

Twitter While You Sleep

Change Terminal Focus with Mouse Over

Leopard Tweaking - Another Terminal Commands

Leopard - Terminal Commands for Desktop

Leopard Tweaking - Terminal Codes

Terminal Tips: Disable annoying application crash dialogs

Compare two folders’ contents in Terminal

Block access to specified sites by modifying /etc/hosts

Activate Mac OS X’s Terminal using a keyboard shortcut

Top Mac Tweaks Using Terminal

REALLY big Dock magnification

sudo shutdown -h +10 for autoshutdown in 10min


ssh -D 9999 username@serverip + SOCKS proxy

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