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Twitterrific 5.1 Adds Muffling, a New Font, and Picks Up Speed



Sorry Zac! I promise I did it just for the screenshot.

When The Iconfactory launched Twitterrific 5, they launched an app that reflected a specific vision of what a Twitter client should be. Twitterrific certainly hasn’t lost its charm since it launched back in December. Setting itself apart with a modern interface and clever gestures, Twitterrific started anew with a clean slate and plenty of room to add features thanks to feedback from their fans. Throughout the last few months, The Iconfactory has been progressively iterating Twitterrific, leading up to the first major update which launched yesterday evening.

The most notable feature in Twitterrific 5.1 is muffling. It’s muting made simple.

Muffling is cute. Twitterrific audibly shushes people, domains, and hashtags when you muffle them, minimizing the tweet so that you can still peek at it. It’s iconic Iconfactory; implemented is a requested feature, but boiled down to what’s actually necessary. And muffles seamlessly sync over iCloud. Needless to say I’m a huge fan.


Other new features in Twitterrific 5.1 included a new font for iOS 6 users, Avenir, and options to upload to image services such as, Mobypicture, and Twitpic. Two new gestures have been added: tapping and holding on the location button when composing a tweet sets sharing your location as a default, and dragging down on photo pop-ups now dismisses them. For people who use VoiceOver, Twitterrific will now sound a notification as you get close to the 140 character tweet limit when composing.

Twitterrific 5.1 is significantly faster than previous versions. Pulling to refresh (which now reveals an updated Ollie) feels more instantaneous. Scrolling is much smoother too, although there is a hitch once in a while on the 4S at least.

As a nod to upcoming features, Twitterrific hinted at push notifications for the next major update.


Backing up to Twitterrific 5.0.2, The Iconfactory added history search to the app, letting you find tweets in your timeline. The search features in Twitterrific are outstanding; Search in Twitterrific is why I love using the app. Muffling makes it even better. I am using Twitterrific alongside other apps (especially Mac side while I patiently await Twitterrific 5 for OS X), but Twitterrific on iOS has really come into its own. And that icon just looks great on my Home screen.

Twitterrific 5.1 is available for download on the App Store.

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