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Moleskine Releases Timepage for iPad

Moleskine's Timepage has been a MacStories favorite ever since I reviewed it for the iPhone back in January. With its innovative design and slick group of features, it was an easy pick for my calendar of choice – with one big caveat: no iPad version.

Last week, the team at MacStories finally got our wish in Timepage for iPad. In it, we get all the same features we've come to love in previous versions in a beautifully designed package supporting the larger screen.

Two Panels, Always...

Rather than going for a blown-up version for Timepage on iPhone, the Moleskine team developed a new, dual-panel view. By always presenting two areas of information, the app now allows you to see your full calendar and a week view; on the iPhone, you'd have to swipe between screens for all of that. You can also split between the week and day views, as well as the day and settings screens.

With this design, Timepage makes accessing your calendar info ridiculously quick on the iPad. By bringing over its calendar switching mechanism from the iPhone, you can shift contexts while still keeping your current week in view.

My favorite combination of panels is the week and day views, where I can easily scroll through the timeline and view any daily events in detail. An activity's location, weather, and other information opens directly in the day view, giving you an in-depth look into what your day holds.

...Except in the Full Calendar View

Exclusive to the iPad version of Timepage is a full calendar view, which lives a swipe to the left of the smaller calendar picker. Taking up the size of the screen, this calendar displays the month and the events for each day, much like the stock calendar or Fantastical.

Although I don't think I'll use this much, it's a prime example of Moleskine looking to advance the app past its current state. People will, however, surely find this useful – for the big picture stuff, this view is truly useful.


While I'd like to think that all apps should be supporting Split View multitasking on the iPad, there are still plenty of developers who refuse to update their apps to include it. Luckily, Moleskine has decided to not only provide multitasking but also enhance it depending on layout size.

In practice, this means that when Timepage takes up half of the screen, you'll effectively get the full iPad app – the calendar view and dual-screen setup. When shrunk down to a compact view, the app acts like it does on the iPhone, presenting you one screen at a time.


I've glanced over a lot of the main features of Timepage, so if you're interested in knowing what makes the app great, check out my original review here. Timepage on the iPad includes everything that made the iPhone version a favorite and more. It's truly a companion to Timepage for iPhone, not a scaled up version.

Timepage for iPad comes in at $6.99, a price that should sit well to previous users of the app. But for potential new customers, take my suggestion: try the iPhone app first, then commit. At a combined price of around $12, the two are worth it – but only if you like Timepage as a calendar platform.

As for me, I was happy to finally rid my Home screen of Fantastical and replace it with Timepage. It was as much of an insta-purchase as I've had on iOS, and I'm happy to fully commit to the app and all of its features.

To get Timepage for iPad, head on over to the App Store.

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