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White iPhone 4 Finally Launching On April 27?

According to a number of reports appeared this week on a couple of European blogs, Apple will launch the much-anticipated white version of the iPhone 4 on Wednesday, April 27th. Last week, a contradicting report by Italian website iPhoneItalia claimed that Apple would introduce the white iPhone 4 on Tuesday, April 26th. The April 27th release date, however, has been reported by two different websites this week – Norwegian blog [Google translation] and Dutch site [Google Translation], both claiming they have received tips from sources within carriers and phone retailers about the white iPhone 4 release.

Several reliable sources who wish to remain anonymous, says now that the white version goes on sale in the Norwegian mobile shops this coming Wednesday, 27 April.

It will be distributed in both Telenor’s and NetCom’s stores.

We received this information through an anonymous tip from someone who works BelCompany. Then we started looking for other people who BelCompany works that could confirm the information. That was the case: they indicate that an internal memo was circulated, indicating the date of April 27 for the white iphone called April. We assume the assumption that BelCompany not the only point of sale, but several other telecom stores (like The Phone House) and T-Mobile itself also start selling the white iPhone.

Speculation in the past weeks suggested Apple was on track to release the white iPhone 4 by the end of April. While the company itself confirmed multiple times in the past that the device would launch in Spring 2011 after mysterious delays (allegedly due to production and manufacturing issues), publications like Bloomberg recently indicated Apple was aiming for a late-April release. Last month, Apple’s Phil Schiller confirmed with a tweet to a customer that the white iPhone 4 would be available in Spring and that it was a “beauty.” [via MacRumors]

Update: Engadget managed to get some photos of the upcoming white iPhone 4 from a Vodafone UK retailer.

Just so you know, the MC604B/A model number shown here is particularly interesting when compared to our own in-house UK iPhone 4; the latter, which is also a 16GB edition, sports a model number of MC603B/A. We suspect we aren’t going too far out on a limb by suggesting that the “3” and “4” are there to represent hue variations, and if you’d like to stretch the theory one step further, MC605B/A represents the 32GB black iPhone 4. In other words, don’t be shocked when the white 32 gigger rolls in as MC606B/A.



Update #2: It looks like during the past months Apple also redesigned the proximity sensor of the white iPhone 4. The photo below was taken by Engadget at the iPhone 4 event last year, and as you can see it featured a different proximity sensor than the one seen above (this can also be spotted in Apple’s old promo material).

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