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Sponsor: Smile

My thanks to Smile for sponsoring MacStories this week with TextExpander.

TextExpander is the best utility to save time while typing. Why type the same thing over and over? Your email address, your phone number, your email signature can all be made into snippets and inserted with just a short abbreviation. You can use TextExpander to correct common typos (using autocorrect snippet groups or adding your own corrections to the snippet library), insert the current date in several formats with just a short abbrevation, and even quickly automate the creation of form letters with multiple choice pop-ups, optional fields, and more.

Furthermore, TextExpander is integrated in over 140 iOS apps including Things, iA Writer and others that I personally use every day, like OmniFocus and Day One. TextExpander comes with Dropbox sync, so your snippets will always be in sync across iOS and OS X.

Find out more about TextExpander here.