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Sponsor: Pixa

My thanks to Shiny Frog for sponsoring MacStories this week with Pixa.

Pixa is a Mac app to manage pictures that strips-away all the frivolous features: the need to manually add images to a library, and even some of the chores such as tagging images and sharing them. Pixa puts your library of images front and center in a clean and easy to use interface.

Pixa supports all the image formats you need: psd, ai, svg, jpg, png, Acorn, Sketch, and Pixelmator, among others. It comes with auto-tagging (for color, size, and web address information), and a feature called "Live Folders" that allows you to organize your images in Pixa without moving them from their original location in the Finder. I'm personally intrigued by the app's support for OpenMeta tags and the tips the developers have been sharing on a dedicated Tumblr blog.

Find out more about Pixa here.