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ProductiveMacs Bundle: 8 Great Mac Apps at $29

Given all the great apps available for the Mac, wouldn’t be great if someone bundled together some really powerful utilities that help you get work done? How about utilities like Keyboard Maestro, Mail Act-on, TextExpander, and Path Finder all in one shot? If the addition of HoudahSpot and Today wasn’t enough, then how about the killer price tag of $29? The ProductiveMacs bundle, organized via Apparent Software (who just picked up Socialite from Realmac Software) are hosting a bundle that features a fine collection of seriously powerful software for your Mac.

This fantastic bundle includes:

  • TextExpander: If you aren’t using TextExpander to automate the repetitive things you find yourself typing out each day, now’s a good time to start (you’ll wonder how you lived without it). Normally $35.
  • Path Finder: Critically acclaimed Finder replacement that turbo-charges file management. $40.
  • Socialite: Keep all of your social connections to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and more tucked in friendly interface that’s always out of your way. Original price is $20.
  • HoudahSpot: If you thought Spotlight was good, just wait until you try HoudahSpot. Easily find files by tag, conditions, and complicated search queries that help you find exactly what you’re looking for. $30.
  • Today: If all you need is a small calendar app that shows you only what you need to get done today, this powerful filter can oust iCal as the quick and efficient way to see daily events and tasks. Sold for $25.
  • Blast: In the shuffle of file management, what happens when you need to refer to something you just put away? Don’t worry, Blast is always looking over your shoulder and can easily retrieve recent documents. $10.
  • Keyboard Maestro: Keyboard Maestro can supplement your workflow with powerful keyboard macros that can be launched with simple to build keystrokes. $36.
  • Mail Act-on: Drag & drop is for suckers: Mail Act-On maps the power of common actions to your keyboard so you can easily move files, apply rules, and help you quickly blow through a cluttered inbox. Retails for $25.

Even if you just want a couple of the utilities available, $29 easily makes up for the cost of just two of those apps: it’s incredibly affordable and totally worth it whether you’re a keyboard junky in need of a helping hand or someone who needs to get better control of all the documents strewn across their Desktop. $29 gets you eight really great Mac apps (with licenses delivered just about instantly) that are surefire guaranteed to make your Mac just a little bit more productive.

Disclaimer: For every bundle purchased through MacStories, we receive a small kickback. If you’re interested in the bundle and supporting the MacStories crew, please use the link here or any of the affiliate links above.

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