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iPhone Controlled Mini Fridge Beer Cannon

Whaaaa? That's right kids (of legal drinking age), 'personalbeerrobot' has created what every man only dreams about - a mini fridge that can be remotely controlled to adjust temperature, pivots and uses compressed air to fire beer cans into your thirsty grip for a shot of hoppy refreshment. It's controlled using an iPhone web app; select what kind of beer you're thirsty for, use the built-in cannon cam to aim, and fire away! The iPhone web app can also control and monitor the mini fridge's temperature as well. There's even a twitter account set up for the beer robot: @MyBeerRobot


  • Vends 4 types of beer
  • Broadcasts temperature
  • Adjust temperature via iPhone
  • Aim via webcam
  • Auto tweet video per shot
  • Fire beer with 50psi of deliciousness

Video after the break...

A few hours ago, 'personalbeerrobot' commented on his YouTube page:

Thanks for all the comments. Crosshairs are in the works. I previously decided against a timer, but I smashed my lamp with a PBR last night so I will probably add a setTimeout function. Sorry about the portrait video. I posted it from my phone and didn't know it would look like this. As for selling it, I am sure I will once I attempt to make version 2.0.

I can already see college kids inventing a new drinking game out of this.

[via TUAW]