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HandBrake Updates To 0.9.5 In Time For Post-Holiday DVD Ripping

If you've been stuck in airport with a luggage case full of DVDs, you might be happy to be returning home to a brand-spankin' new HandBrake. PowerPC users will no longer be supported from this version on, so don't update if you're still toting an old PowerBook. Intel users now have available some delicious new features like dragging and dropping videos onto the main window for scanning, mp3 audio support in mp4 files, improved DVD Main Feature detection, and BluRay disc structure support. Our friends at TUAW noted the latest update wasn't accessible through the app's built in updater, so you can check out the remaining release highlights along with a download-link by clicking right-here. You can also check our source below for more information (a commenter noted subtitle-support was still wonky).

[Handbrake 0.9.5 via TUAW]